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Fourth Quarter Goals 2020 October-December

I have a video for this over on YouTube and here is the link.

I'm going to cover a couple of things in this post.

  1. What of my Goals for the previous quarter did I accomplish?

  2. What are my goals for the 4th quarter?

Reviewing my Previous goals!

What my previous Goals were:

  1. Work on my series Bible

  2. Outline SHADOW 1

  3. Write first Draft

  4. Bonus Goal print & start edit Draft One

Goal 1 was technically completed. My goal had been to work on my series bible and I did that. I also learned, and I'm still learning, how to use Camp Fire Pro. I managed to get quite a bit done in there. Also with it being a series bible I will continue to be working on it while writing my book and any following books.

Once I've played some more with the program I might one day make a video about it, but that is still to be decided. I've also started to use World Anvil.

Goal 2 I actually have a solid answer for if I achieved it or not. The answer is YES! I wrote the outline for my first book. Thanks to someone during one of my streams I started using bullet points to plan, and that helped me a lot with outlining.

Goal 3 was to write the entire first draft. Which I did not do. Though I did write half of the books first draft. So even though I didn't finish the entire first draft, I wrote half of it so I'm still counting it as a win.

As for Goal 4 I didn't get that one because I didn't fully finish my draft.

Just because I didn't complete my last two goals does not mean I didn't complete a lot of things. I started creating a brand for myself, and making it the same across all my social media. I create my website, which you are reading this on. And I'm not trained in website design, I'm quite proud of it.

My 4th Quarter Goals!

*Note: I will be happy if I complete any of these goals. But would be nice to achieve all of them.

  1. Tarot Prompt list for October

  2. Finish Draft One of SHADOW 1

  3. Give my book a Title

  4. Post ONE video a week to YouTube

  5. Post to social Media one to two times a week

  6. Try and finish the first draft of one of my many Fanfic WIPs

Goal 1 is specific to October, I made a prompt list for October and my goal is to complete it. I have a video on my YouTube channel for the Prompt list. There are 22 prompts and my goal is to try and complete all of them. And I'm not limiting how I use them, I can use them as a prompt to make an outline, write original short story, or fanfics.

Link to video:

Goal 2 is to finish Draft One of SHADOW 1. I have about eleven chapters left to write and it will be finished. I can do this! I will try and give status reports during my live streams and possible in videos.

Goal 3 is to finally name SHADOW 1 so I stop calling it SHADOW 1. SHADOW is the name of the series, not this particular book.

Goal 4 is to post at least ONE video a week to my channel, possibly two but I'm focusing on ONE. I plan to batch record some of my fanfic review videos and schedule to in advance. Though I will try to post videos other than those as well.

Goal 5 is trying to use social media more regularly, or at least schedule posts so that I have posts going up about twice a week.

Goal 6 is to try and finish drafting one of my fanfics that are a work in progress.

So there you have it, my fourth quarter Goals of 2020. Let me know in comments in you do quarterly goals as well. I will try and update on how my goals are going at least once a month, but I make no promises. Since I'm also a college student and my studies need to be my top priority besides my mental and physical health.

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