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Looking back at the July 2020


1. 31000 words for camp NaNo Wrimo July

2. Finish Draft One of Book, or at least most of it

To start did I accomplish either of these two goals? The answer is No. No I did not actually accomplish either of those specific goals.

I started camp strong with an accidental 10k day. Which awesome, I started strong. But then I got sick for a couple of days. Which sucked, especially with Covid-19 going on and I had some symptoms, but I didn’t have it. But thanks to the accidental 10k day, I wasn’t behind at that point in time.

*side note I also didn’t update the website every time that I wrote, or even every day. So, there is a possibility that I’m just crap at tracking how much I write.

There were days that I didn’t write due to work and having been so tired after work that I just didn’t write. I’ll be honest there were a couple of days that I just played video games. Those days did tend to coincide with me being tired and mentally drained. So it does kind of make sense that I would just play video games on those days. Which is fine because I obviously needed to take a break.

Even though I didn’t reach those specific goals I did a lot of stuff including planning and organizing a 14 hour live stream event. Thankfully I had some awesome people to help me out with the live-stream event, shout out to my fellow Authortubers that helped me!

Another thing that I did was set up a better website than the one I had, you are currently on the new website. While setting up the site I started properly developing a brand for myself. I chose brand colors, fonts, and made a new logo for myself. All of that happened instead of writing. Maybe it wasn’t writing but I sure did some great stuff. An added thing that I did was make a design for “SuperKat” which was brought up in a live-stream I was on due to having a superman curl going on with the front of my hair. With making Superkat merch I also updated my Redbubble site, which is now linked here on my site on the menu bar as “Merch”.

Now that I’ve gone off topic a smidge, lets get back to what I actually did. Most of what I mentioned was not writing, while still being author related. So I didn’t write 31000 words or finish my first draft. What I did do was write 26k and finished the first half of my book. So I’ll be honest I changed my goal on the NaNo site and counted it as a win.

Plans for August 2020

1. Finish draft one of book(aka part 2)

2. Get self ready for school to start Fall 2020

Wish me luck, especially since August has already started.

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