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Week of 11/21/2021-11/27/2021

Hello Leoknights, Leoprentices, and Leopages,

Welcome to the first of hopefully many more weekly blog posts about all the things Kat.

Here will be the weeks update post as well as a blog post. This weeks isn't exactly how I want the rest of them to go. Personally I would like this to possibly have something small, maybe a sentence or more for each day, as well as my thoughts at the end of the week. Kind of like a diary that I share with the internet. The internet is you by the way. If you haven't noticed these aren't going to be very formal and will have minimal editing in all honesty.

I don't have the daily aspect of this week, but I can give a sort of weeks thoughts/review. And things that I hope to happen next week.

First off this week I managed to write some fanfiction, but not work on my books. which is fine because the fanfics have been building in my brain and if I don't write them down they will just keep pushing my books out the way. And I would like to actually work on my books, since they are something that I Love and am pretty passionate about. I did make myself start posting the fanfic so that I couldn't change such large aspects of it anymore. I mean I could, but now it will require a bit more work than I really will want to put into changing things.

Another thing that happened this week was obviously the idea to start doing this. It started out as me trying to figure out ways to add content to my youtube channel, and streaming ideas, and ways to actually use the website that I built and pay for. This seems to be a good way to use my website and also to put things onto my Ko‑fi and Patreon. So yay! Even if at this time no one is subscribed, I would like to get into the habits and have some fall back content already up for people to have. If people are giving me money, I feel as if I should earn that money.

Possibly starting next week I might start attempting to record Vlog's and actually post them. This will cover a couple of things. The obvious thing is that it will be content to put up on my YouTube channel. The second and probably most beneficial aspect for me, is that it will be a way to hold myself account able. If I'm going to share my life with people, and tell them that I'm going to do something. I need to actually do the thing that I've said that I am going to do. How I figure is that the Vlogs will show when I drop the ball, and when I pick that bastard up and run with it.

Plan with me streams and Video content might become a regular thing. I'm hoping that they will become a regular things. Because yet again need to actually use the planners I get, more than I have been previously using them. Time to properly be consistent.

There you have it, my update for this week.

Appreciate your support,


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