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Complete Collection of Original Works

Books and Series

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S.H.A.D.O.W. series follows Lavinia Daniels as she traverses life as keeper of balance, while working for a supernatural secret organization that answers only to the balance of nature herself. And protecting supernaturals and humans around the world.

Though she denies being the balance keeper, Lavinia stepped onto the path. Now there is no looking back.

Read as she learns new things about the world she was born into and secret she didn't know about herself.

*Updated when chapter is finished

Blood Reign Trilogy follows Dynah Kane. 

At over 2,000 years old, Dynah Kane is learning not all is as she thought. And it hasn't been for 500 years. Now she is on the hunt to free her father, hoping to restore order to vampires before someone messes up too big. Someone needs to step in a bring order. After all, no one wants to break the greatest and oldest rule of the Supernatural. Do Not reveal the Supernatural. 

*Updated when chapter is finished
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More projects will appear but they are currently not being released until completely finished.
Might change.
Piles of Books

My Fanfiction

Kat2020 & Kat2016

Some people might shy away from displaying fanfiction they've written on their author website. Not Kat. 

"I'm proud to share this because it shows how much I've grown as an author. also I still write fanfiction. Lavinia originated from a fanfic Original character idea."~Kat Leo Account


This is where I started writing fanfiction and I'm proud to say that I've grown considerably as a writer. Since I started writing.


Archive of Our Own has most of my more recent fanfics on it.

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